About Us

Reasons to be cheerful

1. We enable your cloud

Expensive on-site servers are yesterdays resource. Today’s infrastructures scale in the cloud where changes in demand surge by the second in response to web traffic. The success of your business relies on systems that respond just as quickly, yet at the same time securely and affordably.

And that’s exactly what cirroNIX help you achieve. We are the enabling interface between you and the power of cloud computing.

2. We are DevOps driven

DevOps is not a job title or a department. It is a methodology, emphasising communication and collaboration for automated efficiency of the code delivery pipeline. At cirroNIX we understand the end to end processes involved to effectively implement DevOps driven control.

Contact us now for a conversation on how DevOps adoption can streamline your infrastructure for application centric continuous delivery.

3. We have the expertise

We've been managing AWS cloud infrastructures for clients since 2008, and it continues to evolve dramatically. That means constant change and new developments leading to an increasing array of exciting possibilities.

As an accredited AWS Consulting Partner with AWS Solutions Architect certification you can be sure we have the professional expertise and technical insight needed to deploy and manage your AWS cloud.

Company matrix

In the cloud since 2008
Linux server proficient
AWS registered partner
AWS solutions certification
DevOps integration
Fuelled with rooibos