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We understand what high availability really means. It’s uninterrupted customers and clients able to buy, communicate, share or do whatever it is that your service offers.

Launching cloud servers cheaply at a moment’s notice is great, but you still need to design your infrastructure intelligently to scale efficiently, paying hosts like Amazon Web Services only for what you use, while using only what you need.

Cloud computing done correctly requires both knowledge and care. We have the skills and experience, so let us take care of the technology for you.

Auto Scaling

Load or time based autoscaling for effective resource management to cater for spikes and increased demand.

Load Balancing

Elastic load balancing for high capacity traffic distribution and seamless application fault tolerance.

Configuration Management

AWS OpsWorks with Opscode Chef for infrastructure automation and repeatable deployments with version control.

Domain Routing

AWS Route 53 for adaptive DNS routing with location awareness and health checks for endpoint failover.



Your database has to deliver uninterrupted uptime for the web applications and systems that rely on it, as well as being thoroughly protected and tuned to perform at optimum levels from the most suitable resources.

Database clustering in a secure cloud provides the high levels of availability and matched performance to ensure this is so.

We can take you from a traditional single point of failure to a well-defended and highly available database cluster delivered using a dedicated selection of sector leading technologies to build proven resilience.

Cluster Technology

Percona XtraDB with Galera. An enhanced drop-in for MySQL InnoDB delivering previously unattainable levels of high availability from low investment.

Synchronous Replication

PXC functions as active Master/Master to provide inherent resilience through synchronous replication with low latency and easy node provisioning.

High Performance

Galera 3 offers improved memory performance for greater data integrity with replication optimisations to reduce traffic between WAN segments.

Platform Options

AWS RDS for managed deployments into the Amazon Cloud. Scaled resilience for MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL with Multi-AZ for automated failover.


On-site storage is costly, cumbersome and is no longer an effective solution for current technologies. Your web systems and applications require fast and resilient highly available storage to serve assets and content on demand.

Today’s cloud storage providers offer heightened levels of security for streamlined content delivery, archiving and accessibility. Resilience and versioning are de facto features with services like Amazon S3 designed for 99.99% availability and 99.999999999% durability.

We help you integrate and configure AWS S3 cloud storage securely, enabling your application and web systems with an array of enhanced benefits.

Highly Secure

AWS S3 storage offers server side encryption at cipher levels up to AES-256 as protection for your cloud data.

Cost Effective

With PAYG pricing applied only to resources in use AWS S3 is an extremely cost effective and inexpensive solution.

Content Delivery

AWS Cloudfront integrates with S3 as a global CDN for low latency web content delivery and media distribution.

Data Archiving

AWS Glacier provides low cost, durable archive storage and backup for S3 from as little as $0.01 per GB per month.

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